Final Reflection

Looking Back—Our Campus Project While our project has always had and continues to have a major focus on outcomes assessment, C2L encouraged us to see reflection as an integral part of student learning at our college.  Through the online C2L jams and the summer institutes, we were able to deepen on our own understanding of the importance of reflection and implement reflection-based activities into our curriculum.  For example, based on our work with C2L, we developed a year-end reflection activity Read more [...]
The ePortfolio portal to professional development; Or, How a tool for assessment became a catalyst for career transformation Excerpt We adopted ePortfolios at the College of General Studies (CGS), Boston University, because we were looking for a means of assessing the impact of our program; we certainly got that, but along the way several faculty have expanded their areas of academic expertise and have won grants to support our electronic portfolio work and presented numerous papers and posters Read more [...]

Assessing General Education at Boston University’s College of General Studies

                                                                     Our assessment project at Boston University's College of General Studies uses ePortfolio to evaluate student learning in our general education program.   John Regan presents at the AEEBL International Conference on Assessment    Summary At the College of General Studies (CGS), Boston University (BU), we have completed the second year of Read more [...]

Boston University – Professional Development Practice – Establishing a Structure for Assessing Student Learning

This practice engages faculty representatives of the four Divisions of the College of General Studies in ongoing collaborative work evaluating student work collected in e-Portfolios and representing four semesters of coursework in the program.  The practice establish norms for rating student work for assessment purposes but also allows the faculty to reflect on course objectives as they relate to assessment outcomes. Description Ultimately, the committee’s work will produce a more streamlined Read more [...]
Our grant-funded, college-wide assessment of two years of general education at our college provides detailed data for program assessment and suggests a high degree of student learning in our program. Read more [...]