Our Student Voices

Our Student Voices

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Perhaps the most gratifying aspect of our work is experiencing the creativity and intellectual depth of our students’ engagement with ePortfolio. Since the fall of 2,009, nearly  4, 500 College of General Studies students have constructed ePortfolios to document their growth and learning on our campus, and the following  page reflects but a small sample of that work.

Student Voices: Reflecting on Learning

CGS GunitaIn 2011, Gunita Singh (BU’14) reflected on her growth in the seven learning outcomes during her first year in the College of General Studies. Her outstanding video captures reflection at its deepest, and her keen understanding that learning is an ongoing process is truly inspirational–click here to enjoy!

Student Voices: Describing a Process

An assignment for Rhetoric asked students to describe a process using text and six to eight images:                                                        

Library 3

McKenzie Hollenbaugh (BU’16) documented the process of conducting academic research at Mugar Library. Other students used her work as a reference as they conducted their own research.





Student Voices: Exploring the World 

CGS Egypt 7

As part of an independent study project, Salma Yehia (BU’ 16) explored women’s rights in Egypt, and she traveled to Egypt in the summer of 2012. Below is her captivating description of her search in Cairo for the offices of the National Council for Women:

CGS Egypt

CGS Egyp 2

You can access Salma’s complete ePortfolio by clicking here.

Student Voices: Thinking Across Disciplines

In her Natural Science class, Adri Alcivar (BU’13) was asked to visit Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and describe a landscape paining from a scientific perspective.


Student Voices: Working Together

Nahomi Velasquez (BU’ 16) ‘s ePortfolio won our Spring 2013 showcase award for best student Eportfolio. Naomi’s Capstone section meticulously captures her team’s work on their project; for more about Capstone, click here.    CGS Velasquez

To see her complete ePortfolio, click here.


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