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Welcome to the campus portfolio of Boston University’s College of General Studies. Our assessment project of general education using ePortfolio began in 2009. Currently all 1,080 of our students maintain ePortfolios to document and archive their learning in our program. We have conducted two years of assessment of student learning, generated and analyzed data from these assessments, begun to consider curricular changes based on our findings, and presented our work at numerous regional and national conferences.

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For contact information about our C2L team, see our “Leadership team’ page. For information about Boston University and the College of General Studies, see “Our Campus” page. For an overview of our project, see “Our Project” page. For information about College of General Studies students, see “Our Students” page. Our “Scholarship” page lists our presentations at national and regional conferences and our upcoming publication. Finally, our “Acknowledgements” page recognizes the special contributions of Dean Linda Wells, a strong advocate of our project who retired as Dean in 2013.

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